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A Secret Journal
A Secret Journal;

Welcome to my blog! I pour my heart and thoughts here randomly~ Sooo, pardon my words anywaaayyss ^^


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A Secret Journal created in last September, and this blog started on April 3rd, 2010. Owner is myself ♥

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Friendly, talkactive, lazy girl, not too patient, pretty :P, kind, and naughty one LOL
Name: Vicky Abriany Recytha Lembong | Nickname: Vicky, Vicky Ry | DOB: 5th Otcober 1995 | Hobbies: browsing, online, chatting, editing, designing, sleep, eat snack, listening to music, watching cinema/movies, hangout with friends, playing game online | Favorite Movies : Scarry Movie, BBF, He's Beautiful, Titanic, Harry Potter, SAW, Mirror, I'm Legend, Step up, High School Musical, many more | Favorite Song: Bad Day - Daniel Powter, Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne, Love you - Howl, Promise - AN.JELL, The Show - Lenka, Don't Love you no more - Craig David, Just a Dream - Nelly, An Jing - Jay chou, My Boo - Alicia keys ft. Usher, Beautiful Girls - Jojo, You are Beautiful - James Blunt, Love Story - Taylor Swift, Sick Enough To Die - MC Mong, You Belong With - Taylor Swift, a Song for Mama - Boys II Men, Complete - SNSD, With You - Chris Brown, Because Of You - Keith Martin, Teenage Dream - Katy Perry, Just The way You are - Bruno Mars, Everytime - Britney Spears, Count on Me - Bruno Mars, Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie ft. Kingston, When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne, and many more | Favorite Food: all food | Favorite Drinks: Fresh Water and Cold Water | Likes : Talk, Hangout, money, eat, sports, design, noodle, Pink *moodly*, black, white, mobile phone, my blog, soft blue, friends, best friends, family,  texting, being crazy with friends at class, didn't do my homeworks, my class, etc | Hates: swimming, tasks, exams, killer teacher, mathematics, slow connection, no credit on my phone, no money, waiting, be mocked by someone, forced by someone, reach limit on twitter, look my mom sad/cry, etc | Option for my Future: never mind about it | Simple Quotes for Myself: without a word, love appears ♥ let the past be the past ♥

Love Story

i love happy ending in a love story.
about love? i can't explain what is love. because how to know love by feel it.
 i always dreaming, someday i'll find my true love. and OUCH!
i found a boy that i really love with! i guess he's my true love.
'cause he made me fly away with his love to me.
and i never feeling like this with another boy or with my ex before.
and he took something from me that makes me more love him.
there is meetings, there must be separation.
we broke up with uncertain reasons.
first, i can't accept it. i'm not agree with him.
the days after we broke up, i still keep my heart for him.
i always imagine that he's wrong to choose the best way.
and i always daydreaming about him, about my sweet moment with him.
and still can feel jealous with him if some girls try to more closer with him.
i just, i just can't accept with his reason 
it's so hard to forget him, hard to ILLFEEL with him. i always thinking,
that i must still waiting him. even i'm tired of waiting.
and thinking that he will be back someday.
but i realized that i shouldn't force him and my feel anymore.
i should let him free, i should forget him.
since we broke up, some guys wanted me. but no one of them
that i love. but i try to find them :) CHEER UP VICKY!
okay, since that, i'm trully sure that my true love still out there.
idk where's my true love, but i guess he still waiting me.
well, that's my love story with the boy i loved before.
it's better to life without you. you feel free, and i feel the same too. i won't to force the love. 'cause love come from our deepest heart. and love cannot lie. try to go out there and re-freshing my mind that full thinking of you. now, it's time to reset my heart, my feels, and my mind from you. thanks for the fake love. thanks for took my FK. thanks for everything you have given to me. like my FAVOURITE song: "It's nice to know that you were there. thanks for acting like you cared. and making me  feel like i was the only one. it's nice to know we had it all. thanks for watching as i fall. and letting me know we were DONE."
 some quotes that correct for me since it happened:

  i won't give my heart to anyone.
but if you are brave enough, you can steal it.

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