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A Secret Journal;

Welcome to my blog! I pour my heart and thoughts here randomly~ Sooo, pardon my words anywaaayyss ^^


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A Secret Journal created in last September, and this blog started on April 3rd, 2010. Owner is myself ♥

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Happy Mother's Day!♥
as you know, today is Mother's Day! and also allotment of SCHOOL REPORT CARD! okay i'll talk about mother's day first ^^" when i woke up today at 8.32am, online twitter is walking on my mind LOL you know why? twitter is my best friends ever. idc who will care with every posts of mine, i just want to tweet what i want and what's on my mind. *uh btw if you wanna follow me on twitter, click here* on twitter, everyone on my timeline celebrate mother's day! this day our tweets full for our lovely mom but some people *including me* think: why everyone says that they love their mom just for this day? i know the usually day they're says if they hate their mom or what blah blah *including me too :p* well, nevermind. when i met my mom this morning, she said: Happy Mother's day kids! whoaa i'm forget to say it for my mom >< then i said: whoops, happy Mother's Day mom! love you♥~ i said it with bighug and sweet kisses my mom just gimme kisses back and smile to me :P ah i don't have any gift to give. so how? honestly, i never give a gift for my mom when there's Mother's Day -_-v i think to celebrate not just by giving a gift to mom. for me, the others gift is trying to be an service girl to servicing my mom :D HAHA i just do what i can do and i do the best for my mom ofc. for my beloved mom♥ :  
"i always love you mom! even sometimes you looks like a monster when you enter to my dirty room :P and my love for you will never die, you're my best woman ever, you're the most beautiful that i ever knew, you're my all MOM :') i'll never regret to say this. feel sorry for all of my mistakes to you. maybe sometimes i hates you for a lil things. but i realized, i hates you just for a LITTLE THINGS, no more. i know it's not comparable with all of your merit to me. you keep me save since i was born 'till now. and make me more realize that i have so many debts with you. heart you, mom!" :')
okay, enough for my mom :') next topic :P do you remember that i said today is allotment of school report card? oh please first, i think my mom will angry to me when she knows my bad result BUT today no one take my report card at school LOL my mom too busy with her works and she ask my uncle to take it. but my uncle forget it so maybe i will take my report card after holiday (y) HAHA honestly i want my report card today, 'cos i wanna know my fckg bad result. well, but i'm not too care about that. the point is no one take my report card today, so funny! and no one care about that :P hey btw i love this song ♥ now playing on my computer :P sick enough to die - MC Mong. HaHa i think, end here. enough. so many works that i must to do (?) LOL END

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