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A Secret Journal
A Secret Journal;

Welcome to my blog! I pour my heart and thoughts here randomly~ Sooo, pardon my words anywaaayyss ^^


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A Secret Journal created in last September, and this blog started on April 3rd, 2010. Owner is myself ♥

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#random 2

HELLO BLOGGERS! sorry for always late to post. i'm not too interest to post something here. but i'm interest to update my blogskin or add new gadgets for my blog ♥ nothing special today x_x just stay online at house and 'meliburkan diri' from school haha just thinking logically, final exam already ended with the remidial on thursday. and the result on wednesday. so, what should i do with my friday, saturday, monday and thusday at school? nothing right? that's better for sleep at house or online :D yesterday, half of my heart, my twitter, just tweet a little tweets. i'm online just for 2 hours and offline twitter. i want to online via mobile phone but i don't have enough credits :P feel sorry for my twitter *alay* haha heeyy imma tell my friends to go to shoter today! i ask them to play there together like the usually :) feel so bored at house, i wanna go to somewhere. i wanna play audition or pointblank if audition is maintenance server. or hangout with my friends at ptc HAHA best place ever for me and my friends too ^^"

on 19 Dec, my uncle arrived on my house with his parents. i hate his daughter badly! like shit! her name is Briggita. i'm gonna kick her if she's brave to enter to my room arh* and sometimes i hate her mom or my AUNT :D ==" my aunt wasted my credits last month idk for what. grr* k, skip from this frikin' family. btw, my other uncle come to my house too :P but this one, he's not with his parents 'cause he is single :) i'm so confused, he will back to Jakarta on next monday or thusday BUT he'll come back to my house again on 2 or 3 January. lol why don't he stay here 'till next year. so we'll have nice vacation together ? LOL! please mom, dad, uncle.. take me to somewhere. (?)

Well, i won't to tell you about this one but.. idk why i just want to story this, even i know if someone or somebody know i story about this, i'll down and more hurted by them at all for sure :( and i don't care too for SURE. k, let me start to tell you. hm, i feel kinda hard to forget my ex-bf. sometimes, i always waste my time to thinking about him. all i do always remind me about him. did you know, it's so disturb me! disturb my mind! oh please == he didn't look like he care about me anymore, and it's make me feel so pain. he never give me smile, never talk like a friend, makes me like his enemy, and it's show me that he's LYING to me! he told me that he'll be my friend, my good friend, my bestfriend, my close friend.. but what i get 'till now from him since he left me? NOTHING. just lying. his relationship with someone else getting closer and closer. honestly, i feel hurted and jealous sometimes. i was love him more than anything. and now i know it's not good way to express my feeling. i shouldn't too love him. 'cause if i do, i'll never feel hurted like this. and i shouldn't too trust about his promise. 'cause if i do, i'll never fall down and disappointed like now. *sigh*

but proudly to have bestfriends that always help me kindly and patiently :P one of my bestfriend wanted me to forget my ex quickly. he won't to see me sad always just because my ex, so he always spirit me. and the other of my bestfriend ask me like that too. she always hear my story everytime i want and i need more than my guy best friend, but honestly, my first bestfriend more in act to help me :) and proudly too to have another best guys that always there for me :) since he left me, so many boys want me :P *not arrogant, no kidding* HAHA but no one of them that i want to be with. i still loves SINGLE! i can feel the trully means of FREEDOM now like this. feel sorry for some guys, i still want to be a single girl :) even i know how to forget my ex is dating with someone and try to give him a chance, but i won't. single is FREE :D just a simple quotes: "since you've been gone, i can breathe my fresh air for the first time without you. i'm so moving on. thanks to you! now i get all what i want.. since you've been gone" :)

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