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A Secret Journal
A Secret Journal;

Welcome to my blog! I pour my heart and thoughts here randomly~ Sooo, pardon my words anywaaayyss ^^


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A Secret Journal created in last September, and this blog started on April 3rd, 2010. Owner is myself ♥

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uh, feel sorry for late to say this.
to wish happy xmas and happy new year :/
i'm lazy to open my blog, idk why
i just promise to my twitter, that first day if 2011,
i will update my blog. uh dumb me
well, as we know, xmas and new year has done. so? nothing i just tell you haha umh, on 6th Jan i have to school. hell yeah! it's now! now 1:27am and i didn't sleep yet haha i need extra holiday. i need holiday more and more TT wait, maybe i have to tell you about my xmas and new year first ==v k, do you know? my xmas nothing special, same with my new year == so damn bored! just my twitter accompany me 'till new year comes. oh actually with another twitter user ;) i'm too lazy for story you about my xmas or new year. 'cos i feel nothing special lah~ my big parents come to my house half of hour before new year comes ==v and they all really disturb me! my cousins, my nieces, my nephews so annoying me! i never want they come to my house with their fckg loud voices and naughty children. well, skip deh. i won't story about my newyear anymore. the points: I JUST STAY AT HOME SWEET HOME! CLEAR? *GROAR HAHA k, now i'm not sleepy yet and still awake. maybe i'll still awake 'till the sun shine its light in the morning and mom and dad ask me tgt school ;;) LOL btw, my friend ask me to play audition, yeah we knew it it as 'bolos' haha or didn't come school yet. but i ignored him. i want to school meet my friends :* but still say NO to the lessons and the teachers ==v haha hey ya, do you know something? my friend ask me to pick me up today at school. after a minutes, his bestfriend ask me the same too. his bestfriend ask me to pick me up today and told me to NO COMMENT. whats?! dumb you! who the hell are you huh? am i your girlf? NO. am i your bestfriend? NO. so why you forced me heh? well well, i just take the best way: ignored both. haha even i want him to pick me up, but i don't want his bestfriend angry with him :/ so, i think this is the best way :)
hey! do you know something happened a few hours ago? aw i'm so happy! i can't tell you, sorry. over all, this thing not too secret for y'all. but for someone i really keep this thing HAHA! i'm so happy so happy so happy. just a little words, can made me fly away LMFAO maybe the words not too funny or what for me, but i just wanna laugh to seen it =)) and i hope something, not special, just wishing it will happen to me o:) heeyy! i won't school!  school is sucks sometimes! i don't need it at all >< shit so lazy to mind it :/ hope today will home quickly and i will play audition with tomy ivan stefen! HAHA btw abel will give me his female char audition to me :D but i didn't get the username and password yet from him :/ i will ask him :D hihi readers, if you want to know more about me, or be friends with me, just follow my twitter by click here. hihi :) mention me for follow back. i always online my twitter. imma active user there :P you will meet me there everyday LOL
 i think enough for this post. i don't have any idea to post =="
feel sorry for my FCKG BAD GRAMMAR
and sorry with my cbox >< idk why it doesn't work yet
i already try to fix it, but it still can't work
anyone? if you don't mind to help me,
just contact me on twitter @vqeRy
DM me or mention me, i will reply it surely ;)
or post it on my formspring. just fill the blank on ask box by formspring
special thanks ~^^~
-end here-

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