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A Secret Journal
A Secret Journal;

Welcome to my blog! I pour my heart and thoughts here randomly~ Sooo, pardon my words anywaaayyss ^^


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A Secret Journal created in last September, and this blog started on April 3rd, 2010. Owner is myself ♥

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about.. yeaa... random laa~

i don't know what to do here, just writting 'geje' story and hope you enjoy it -_-v start from my friend. i realize, i have so many friends around me, care to me, and kind. but honestly and seriously, i don't have any bestfriend yet. a bestfriend can always wake me up from my nightmare, always hear my story and give me an suggest to do. how poor i am right? but i don't need ur words like "how pity u are" or "feel it!" or whatever laa. well, i just have many closes friends and none of them can be my bestfriend ever. my best closest friends: Marta and Budi. but sometimes they're not beside me when i need them :( but it's ok. i realize and i know that they have their bestfriend and it's not me [: sometimes i thought that i need her and her to always there for me. but i don't think so. this is not the right time. i need more time to prove it LMFAO*
well, switch to another topic. about my love story? ok [: i had boyfriend that always there for me although we're in different school. he always beside me when i need him. i'm so confused what i'm feeling now. sometimes i feel really love him, sometimes nope. goossh, take him away please, you know who's him i mean. i always try to love him like he loves me too. 'till now, i still try. cos you know who's the obstacle that made me hard to love my boyfriend like he did to me. and i need to erase him from my mind. no matter how hard it is. i have to do it. i have 2 option for me. first, forget my boyfriend and keep waiting for him. second, try to more loves my boyfriend and step by step i will forget about him. and i choose, second option. hope it's my best way [: but i wish you will be my friend, talk to me at school or something like a FRIEND. hope you will someday. really i wish [: ok. enough with my love story :p now, what else? my parents? ok HAHAHAH *btw im talking all about me in this post. fully i think lmao :p who cares? kskip
so shiiiittt!! my dad and my mom go out from the city to find the ordered items and pick up my uncle in BALI! huaa, i want to join but my mom not allowed me. i have to school. mom said that she not allowed me to absent to school for a week just for join with them. hoam. so i ask them to buy me something there. if not, they can give me money to replace the souvenir lol
God, i don't care about the souvenir. about the gift or whatever. i just need your bless. please bless them and give them back to me safely. they back to home safely it enough. i love them God, really i do. so please bless them with everything they do out there [: amen~
well done. i think enough for this post. back soon asap [: see ya, kbye

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