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A Secret Journal
A Secret Journal;

Welcome to my blog! I pour my heart and thoughts here randomly~ Sooo, pardon my words anywaaayyss ^^


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A Secret Journal created in last September, and this blog started on April 3rd, 2010. Owner is myself ♥

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omg! you know, i've been sitting here right in the front of my computer screen about over 4 hours but i do nothing with this blog no tweeting, no tumblring, just blog walking and nothing i get. whattheshit. okay, i have an idea to post HAHA but just a short post.

well, i just go up to the next grade with good mark and you know, i join the science class first, i'm schock! i was like.. what the fuckin hell i did?! then i just discovered that's because my IQ Test suggest me to join the science class, weird i can't believe it, and ofcourse my friends also. they asked me "Hey Vic, what class do you join?" i just answered "in my report card written Science. but i want join the Social class" they was shock! just like really? a girl Vicky join the Science class?! like HELL. well, FYI, i'm a lazy girl so surely they're suprissed with that news. but that's okay, they don't mean to. actually they just happy when i join the science class. cause yea.. the students in science class just few and lil bit weird. lemme think, if i join the science class, am i sure? there's smart students and i'm not. i'll be rubbish there. i could die there! it's better join the social and my smartness just same like the others than join the science class and i'm the last stupid student there first, my mum asked me to join the science class. she said science class is amazing class. and high class! and i just said oh c'mon! i can't stand up longer in that class geez. and the last my mum said okay, that's all up to you. you don't need to force your brain there. finally! school told my mum to call Mrs. Erlina at June 20th if i want to change my class in to social class. but WHAT THE HELL i just forgot the date! i realize in the next day aw shit maan. til now, idk what will happen. i my teacher will allow me to move to social class. but that's okay if the end i join the science class, there's my beloved bestie like Budi, Iin, and Elly. honestly, i want in the same class with Marta too. you know, Budi, Marta, and I are trio kwek kwek. LMFAO! my friend said Marta and You are the best partner. Class will be more EXCITING, FUN, and COOL if you are there! but well, i still don't know what will happen okay then. let the time show us.

bytheway, i love my icon on twitter and tumblr.  and i found some icons that i thought they're cute and nice. here is..
my icon on twitter and tumblr

ps: the icon is only a girl. okay, and i found some icons 

and many more.
okay, lemme end this post LOL! back soon. enjoy 

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