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A Secret Journal
A Secret Journal;

Welcome to my blog! I pour my heart and thoughts here randomly~ Sooo, pardon my words anywaaayyss ^^


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A Secret Journal created in last September, and this blog started on April 3rd, 2010. Owner is myself ♥

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whatta shit life?! it's 2:35am and i haven't sleep yet since yesterday! well honestly i slept about 4 hours before i woke up at 00:00.idk why i can't sleep my eyes just like Panda then .__. omg. btw i love panda!HAHA um, i forgot what i'm doing when insomnia attacks me last night + now i think i'm tumblring. ah no, the dashboard just fuckin died. twittering? idts. i don't have any mood for tweeting. blogging? you see? nothing changes on my blog. maybe just some but i change them before i post this posting. gatau dehyaa~ pikunan sangat neh. hey! gw juga lupa mo posting apaan ini x_x prasaan tadi sempet sepintas dari otak jalan mau post apa. tapi kok mendadak hilang ya? bodo. ok, ngisi waktu begadang dengan snap snap snap. 80% of girls always taking pictures of themselves with some cute actions. *sometimes i did the same too*. but this time, i do crazy act and i just like, HELL MAN THIS IS MY LIFE! lmffao and this is it..

haha this is sucks. i took the pics yesterday in da morning. bytheway, i found an articel from Tumblr tells about "10 ways you [won't] get your ex back" i'll post it later after this well, yesterday is the WORST DAY EVERRR! you know why? i went to Juanda airport to pick my uncle from Jakarta. I went there with my mum by car. anyways, this is ther first time my mum brave to drive car she has SIM but she don't brave enough to drive it to anywhere. on the ways, she drive well but when there's a lil things goes wrong, she just blame me ok back to topic. my mum told me that we have to go there early cause she's scared when something happen on the ways, yeah.. you know. finally we got there at 10:30am and my uncle didn't boarding yet! omg. and we just discovered we will wait for aloooooonggg waiting. when the clock show 11am, my uncle said to my mum that Lion *my uncle's plane* is delay. i was like WHATT THE FUCKIN HELL'S GOING ON?! c'mon! don't make me MAD! Patiently i wait my uncle with my mum. my mum and i spent so much money there! we ate meatballs and the price about 25k and you know, it's not tasty even well! sucks and we ordered orange juice for the drinks. okay, i share some pics the meatballs  

okay, continue. after that, we just sat there for an hour then we moved to waiting chair. lol and i almost sleep there! but i will looks idiot when i sleep. yeah you know, i haven't sleep yet. then we just wait wait wait and wait. when the time comes, about 2:30pm, finally the delayers, Lion, came. and we went back home. no no, we don't just went home easily. on the Juanda street, we met the traffic jam! omg. ah i won't talk about the traffic jam. it sucks, really. even tho we got the TOL and when we got out from tol, we found the others traffic jam geez. sucks, i won't talk more about that. okay, before back home we went to Golden City and ate KFC after that we went to carrefour and bought some daily necessities and i bought some snacks and drinks for myself lol my uncle and my my mum just bought cooking ingredients. after that, we finally went home.


LOOK! my uncle just act silly~


the shit day still not end yet. about at 8pm, the lights off *electricity off* FCK THE HELL PLEASE! i don't think that yesterday just happened like hell heaven before. okay. no candles. i just used my mum's birthday candles. 4 and 2 LOLS btw, i'm gonna share some pics i made for my mum and my bestie, Iin just in the next posting. okay. xoxo

 MOOD: Never feels GOOD more than this
 TODAY'S SONG: Bad Day by Daniel Powter.

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