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A Secret Journal;

Welcome to my blog! I pour my heart and thoughts here randomly~ Sooo, pardon my words anywaaayyss ^^


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A Secret Journal created in last September, and this blog started on April 3rd, 2010. Owner is myself ♥

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spend my holiday at home SO SUCKS

do you know? i'm so waiting holiday for a long time and patiently. but when the holiday's come, i just stay at home and waste my time with my fckg home sweet home? OH COME ON! mom.. dad.. take me to somewhere lah! well, if you give me some money or full my wallet with money i will keep shut up :x LOL! okay, today is Christmast Eve! aww how fast! i'll celebrate Christmast with my BIGparents :D at my house -_- sucks well idc. together with people we love is great :) my other uncle has arrived last night at 11.55PM. he's not with his parents, idk why and idc. hm, my best uncle! he's so fckg funny LOL i love him so much ♥ :P HAHAHA now i wish something. i wish on my Christmast, all of my wishes will be come true and have some miracles o:) Christ, answer my wishes please, i love You. we love You. all people love You. and You know it ;) and please give me and my family a great Christmast Eve ♥ save us, save Surabaya, save Indonesia and save our earth :)

hey, bytheway i have new blog :P there's nothing special sih. not too good looking like blogger. wanna see? click here my friend, Dessy Natalie, ask me to make it :P well, finally i made it HAHA :) ahh i'm so sleepy and tired. i don't sleep enough last night x_x LESSSLEEP ARGH! well, i can't sleep and i don't want to sleep honestly :P my eyes like a ghost! dark under my eyes and i'm look like a ghost. oh please -,- in this beautiful morning, my bro accuse me eh~ he told that i'm not sleep tonight *that's real sih :P* but i lied to him. i said, i already woke up in early morning. i'v slept well last night << LIAR! HAHA xD idc. who will force me when i can't sleep YET? no one except my mom or my dad >< lol i have so many plans today! and i'm so confused. first, i want tgt Atom Mall with my mom ♥ she promise me will buy me something :P second, my old friends invite me to reunion at PTC. uhh i really want to join them! i want i want! third, i have plan with my bro to order my silly bands. we have bussiness :P fourth, I WANNA PLAY AUDITION WITH MY FRIENDS!!!!! AAAARGGH! so a long time i didn't play game online with my friends! ulalaaaa~ so how? i'm so confused now. 4 option that so hard for me to choose -__- let the time answer it all. i hope i will never regret with the decision time. fyuh~
well, i think enough. just it and finish here- (:

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