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A Secret Journal
A Secret Journal;

Welcome to my blog! I pour my heart and thoughts here randomly~ Sooo, pardon my words anywaaayyss ^^


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A Secret Journal created in last September, and this blog started on April 3rd, 2010. Owner is myself ♥

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it's a loooongg time! xD

heeyy I'm back! :D
did someone missed me? LOL

well, I started left this blog since i fall in love with Tumblr lol btw follow me on tumblr, click here okay, time for me to share something here. but what am i supposed to do here? i have no idea to share talk about my life aja yee yahyah, you know, tomorrow is the BIG MOMENT in my life! come once only in a year. LOL what's that? it's about report card, omg. one of my bestie have to stay in her graduate. aah, how pity. and i won't be like her! i have to continues what I've done before! I already do the best and time for school gimme the result of all my works. God, bless me. bless me and bless me. whoops, and all of my friends too really, i will miss my class X1 this is the freak class i ever knew. we are the best of all the best. we are good. we are one cause we are Family well, would you pray for me for the report card tomorrow? i hope you would. ok then, i'm so sad for hear the bad news from my bestie be strong girl! i still love you and always here for you.

hey, let's talk about my schedule holiday I really wish this holiday i'll go out from this city to somewhere. my uncle invite me to go to his city, Yogyakarta. but you know, my dad suggest me to go to Manado! but i'll go there alone and yeah, my mom invite me to Jakarta to my uncle's house there and have fun! idk which one is prefer. but i guess, that plans will fail :S ah idc. the most important is, there's internet in my house! haha but i think, go to Manado is fun. my dad will send me alone by the plane and my parents there will pick me up. new experience. Yogyakarta? my uncle suggest me to go there alone also but by bus. well, not too interesting. ok, let the time show me the way :p I LOVE AUDITION! even tho i'm not a pro dancer and i don't have pro skills, but i still love it. i think i'm gonna spend my holidays for waste my money to play audition in my best place! haha so, who's wanna challenge me? no bet, just challenge LOLS and you know, my skills just growing up. my friend, Ivan, just lost his skills not at all, but step by step he'll lost his skill HAHA *evil* btw last time i played, i just ask mbak2 penjaga warnet for send me the audition's songs! xD [mix language] LOL thanks sis! [DANGER!!!] i think, now i can't live without twitter. idk why. that's soo sooo BAD thing! no days without tweet something --a someone please take me out from this bad thing. *sigh*

well, I think enough for this post.
I don't have anything more to share.
aah, i found something!
I'll share some pics made by me :P
after this post. kbyeee

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